Video shoot.

Content is the prince of communication: it is the message, it is the vehicle and it is the element that more than any other embodies the “substance” of what the customer wants to express. Giving it a shape is the most interesting and stimulating part of the job, and the channel that in the digital world gives the best performances in terms of involvement and result is the video. Beyond the attention of the end user, the video is able to convey different levels of message simultaneously, in an unconscious, rational and emotional way all at the same time. RETROX has applied this awareness to various types of video, based on HD shots of environments and people, on creative concept in the studio (spot) or even for low-cost “video pills” for digital storytelling, for example on social networks . From the idea to the projection, the Agency deals with all stages of production, expanding its team with highly specialized people for every special need.

Motion graphic.

Videos used on digital channels are not just shooting and editing, but they often have to give a dynamic infographics representation of technical contents, articulated or complex ones, that have nothing in common with a promotional spot. In these cases, RETROX proposes the development of motion graphics completely customized for the customer, in full coherence with the coordinated image setting that makes it recognizable. Motion graphics are particularly recommended for tutorials, for abstract institutional videos, and for channels on which the end user often enjoys watching videos without sound.

Photo shoot & Still life.

In front of the lens there are not always images in motion, it is often necessary to animate and populate a communication product with highly qualitative contents suitable for the message it proposes. For catalogs, brochures or e-commerce, RETROX creates photographic shooting on site or off-site, and so it creates totally customized images of the customer, useful to immediately transmit customer’s positioning and identity. With internal staff or, on specific projects, with highly specialized collaborators, RETROX can perform any kind of photo shoot.

Droni & Virtual tour.

Technology is one of RETROX’ passions, together with innovation and communication. The current tools are able to create video solutions unimaginable until a few years ago, such as aerial shots or immersive shots (360 ° VR). These are methods of acquisition of materials for video production that require specific skills and authorizations (for example for drones) or equipment. For these needs, the internal team has tested and consolidated in-depth partnerships with specialized professionals.