Each RETROX project, in particular digital ones, is based on a kind of communication that is never one-sided. The identification of the typical user allows the Agency to find informed and concrete choices in the design process, to make the results more quantifiable and the process way more rational. The prevalent activity of RETROX, on this theme, is mainly in the consulting approach, and is carried out with a careful audit in synergy with the customer. A start and end point that define segmentation, target, stakeholders and gives the customer the possibility to deal with experts in the field with a broader vision.

Services. 03 UX/UI Design.


The User Experience is the basis of every communication project, which builds around the user-type the experience that you want to make him live, bringing it to the actions you want to accomplish (from the purchase of a product, to the creation of a contact, to subscribe to a newsletter). Both the architecture of the contents and the interaction between visual and textual elements should be as simple and intuitive as possible for the user, who must be able to find what he is looking for without asking too many questions and without spending too much time. RETROX sets up an analysis of UX and UI for each project, even when not required, as a basic quality standard for a website or for any communication tool, in the belief that it is not enough to create products that are aesthetically effective, but that the real concreteness is found in answering the questions, even unexpressed, of the users.

Services. 03 UX/UI Design.


Customer relation management is a developed sector focused on the communication, based on its various services and applications. Following the RETROX concept of a marketing that does not end up just in a publication, but continues with a dialogue between the customer and its stakeholders for the creation of a true and effective listening, the CRM is a cross-media approach, which ranges from mail marketing (newsletter, DEM) to user profiling and inclusion of its activities in a promotion tracking circle (from the first contact during an adv campaign, to the conclusion of the action defined in the KPIs). A rational and strategic element that contrasts with creativity.