Social Media is an area of ever-expanding communication and evolution. RETROX consultants have held many courses within the United Nations to define their strategic assets. The ecosystem of social media is based on some common values ​​(such as the reciprocity of communication and the importance of involvement / listening to users) and on many specificities and differences. This is why a strategy plays an essential role, not only in terms of planning of advertising investment budgets, but also in identifying which and how many tools need to be applied.


The web is speed, in regards of the dynamism in updating the sites and, especially of social networks’ activity. All social media platforms, each one in a specific way, require a constant production of content (based on quantitative or qualitative criteria), organic and chargeable. Using internal capacities, RETROX takes care of build up editorial plans, following the day by day activities of each platform, moderating comments and stimulating engagement, as well as managing paid campaigns and monitoring their progress, by sending periodic reports to the customer. The strategy application becomes this way a voice and listening window for customers on the main digital interaction networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.


The tools provided by main social networks make it possible to have highly profiled information about users and to target all the promotions. However, there are more advanced platforms which make the mass monitoring more reliable and configurable , for example they can analyze and influence the feeling related to a brand or a topic. This way both social media monitoring and intelligence can turn a social and digital presence into a strategy based on big data that can identify, according to the users’ perspective, critical points, strengths and values ​​on which to then build up the customer’s institutional or commercial communication, in a real and not just a statistical way.


Social media is a double-channel communication platform and allows all users to express themselves immediately towards their entire community. In particular, the creation of live streaming becomes effective with regard to mass involvement of the public, to strengthen messages of transparency and closeness between a brand and its consumers / users. Live shows can also be made with small instruments, but RETROX does not underestimate its sensitivity: live streaming requires preparation, early involvement of the public, technical execution without a hitch and possibly a dynamic and immediate direction that can make a streaming truly professional.