About us. 01 RetroX.

About us.

Over the years, thanks to experts who joined the team, RETROX has gained more experience in cross-media communication, social media as a whole process, digital marketing, website development and graphic design services.

Being in collaboration with United Nations Agencies, with the development field and with important multinational Companies operating in different areas, the Agency has consolidated not only its own creative capacity, but also its high quality level of management processes, with the ISO 9001: 2015 certification (QMS No. 072A – Accredia-Ukas).  By joining the UN Global Compact (registration number 500941), Edizioni Retrò s.r.l. reaffirms its ethical commitment for a better world.

RETROX headquarter is based in Turin, one of the most innovative cities in Italy and in the middle of Europe, and still maintains an international working approach.

About us. 02 Approach.


RETROX starts each project with a first analysis of the existing, in order to always move in a strategic way which enhance and optimize the established processes and habits. Innovation and creativity are then gradually included to achieve the best result in a way that allows to both monitor the customer satisfaction and to strengthen and improve the public image. RETROX truly believe this approach is the most effective and long-lasting one, being inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi’s philosophy, technique born at the end of the fifteenth century whose aim is to give a new life to objects, enhancing their scars.


About us. 03 Team.


Edoardo Lombardo founded the Edizioni Retrò s.r.l. and its RETROX division in 2013 and took over the Presidency in 2016, entrusting the Administration to the experience of Giovanni Vagnone.

In particular, Edoardo is a qualified as practicing lawyer, journalist and legal consultant, expert in Law of Internet Technologies and digital innovation with more than 5 years of experience in this sector. His academic background ranges through the University of Turin, Bocconi University, London School of Economics, Harvard University, Georgetown University, CapeTown University and Peking University. He, also, works a consultant for several years for the United Nations and for various national and multinational companies. Giovanni, on the other hand, is a journalist and has worked in the field of communication for over ten years. After being a consultant and strategist for numerous companies and high-level agencies, as well as for public institutions, he led a consulting firm in London, gaining a fundamental experience also in internal management processes. Back in Italy, in 2016 he took over the administration of Edizioni Retrò s.r.l. and the RETROX division guide.


About us. 03 Team.

Art & Graphics

Manuela Flamini  is the Art Director and leads the RETROX graphic team. Under his guidance all the digital projects are developed: with a special focus on UX, effectiveness and aesthetics. She has over 15 years’ experience in graphic design and development gained in the development sector and for the United Nations.


About us. 03 Team.

Web development

Developing websites means managing IT aspects, graphs and expectations. Alessandro Romeo is the senior web developer who takes care of the best data architecture and web declination for each project, with an overview and attention to detail. He guides the IT & web development team.


About us. 03 Team.

Motion Graphic & Video

The creation of videos is not an end in itself and is not only video recording: it ranges from editing, reworking, up to pure graphics and animation. Emanuele Lombardo deals with these aspects, in close contact with our field operators.