Behind communication

Communication is not only what you can observe externally see, but also everything that lies behind its message. Analysis, preparation, experience, and professionalism are just some of the tools needed to calibrate the right dose of ingredients for a winning formula.

We are a cross-cutting agency.

Retrò X originates from the desire to realize high-quality communication and marketing projects at a graphic, digital, media, and content level; with a result-oriented approach.

In addition to websites, smartphone apps, storytelling, and branding we deal with video and photo-shooting productions, trying always to calibrate rationality and creativity to give voice to our customers towards their audience of interest.

Our philosophy in our daily work is based on respect for profound values. The communication channels change; the messages change, but the feelings and emotions of the audience remain unchanged and we like to study them in deep and get to know them.

Tradition and innovation always united for a more human and personal relationship with quality and professionalism.

Our team

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RetròX - Torino

Giovanni Vagnone
Senior Account

RetròX - Torino

Edoardo Lombardo
Social Media Strategist

RetròX - Torino

Manuela Flamini
Art Director

RetròX - Torino

Emanuele Lombardo
Project Manager junior

RetròX - Torino

Alessandro Romeo
Web Developer

RetròX - Torino

Rebeca Giaietto
Project Manager Junior

RetròX - Torino

Aurelio Forza
Video Operator

RetròX - Torino

Luca Losito